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Murder, He Squeaked

A short film.

See Sparky run.
See Sparky fetch.
See Sparky kill.
Kill, Sparky, kill.

Sparky was a good dog. He could roll over, he could heel, he could even play dead. But Sparky is about to learn a whole new trick---how to commit MURDER.

Part Double Indemnity, part Babe---MURDER, HE SQUEAKED is a dark, twisted film noir like you've never seen before.

It's got love, it's got jealousy, it's got hand puppets.

So come on, grab hold of the leash and take a walk with Sparky---into insanity.

Pratfall Productions presents
a film by Joseph Mazzarino & Matt Vogel

Kerry Butler
Jim Stanek
Matt Vogel
Michael Ray Escamilla
Joseph Mazzarino
Matt Vogel

Written, Produced, and Directed by Joseph Mazzarino & Matt Vogel

screenplay ©2002 Joseph Mazzarino & Matt Vogel

all other content ©2003 Pratfall Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.