Matt Vogel is a seven time Emmy-Award winning director for his work on Sesame Street. He has also directed the Sesame Street characters in two national commercials for Chrysler Pacifica.

Matt directing Dave Grohl for Sesame Street’s 50th Season (photo: Aimee Blackton); Chrysler Pacifica “Trash Talk” commercial with Oscar the Grouch and Snuffy (photo: Michelle Hickey); Sesame Street (photo: Zach Hyman), Outdoor Sesame Street shoot (photo: Kelly Vogel), Sesame Street Episode 4615 “Birdie and the Beast”; Sesame Street Episode 4522 “Jack B. Nimble Can’t Sit Down“ starring Jack Jack McBrayer.

K is for kindness! It's a simple word, it's true, but it's amazing what a word can do! Sing along with Tori Kelly and the rest of the Sesame Street gang as they sing a song all about kindness. How will you be kind today?

This holiday season, Cookie Monster is celebrating the spirit of giving the only way he knows how: with cookies!

When it comes to the Chrysler Pacifica there's no comparison. Especially when you drive a sloppy jalopy like Oscar the grouch. Since the company was founded in 1925, the Chrysler brand. When it comes to the Chrysler Pacifica there's no comparison. Especially when you drive a sloppy jalopy like Oscar the grouch.
A super villain was prepared to destroy all of the healthy food in the world, until one hero, actually several heroes, stuck together to save the world's vegetables. Dr. Brownie, Onion Man, Captain Americauliflower, Black Bean Widow, The Mighty Corn, and Zucchin-eye are The Aveggies!
Elmo has a playdate with his friend Jack B. Nimble! They're going to see a movie but Jack just can't sit still! Elmo and his friends teach Jack the one thing you need to know when going to the movies!
Billy Eichner is in search of a little kindness and compassion. That's why he's come to one of the kindest streets in the world: Sesame Street! Join Billy and his pal Cookie Monster as they spread a little kindness.
This little ducky got all dolled up for a party, but poor little Ducky didn't realize the party was across the stream. She didn't want to get her fancy party shoes all wet and she was too small to fly across the stream, so she called for the help of Super Grover.
If you're looking to learn a triple Salchow or a double Axel, look no further. Murray and Ovejita are at ice skating school today. Pay attention and maybe one day you can be an Olympic figure skater!
Elmo imagines he is an athlete competing for a pair of golden shoes, but discovers the real prize isn't something you can win. This season on Sesame Street, Elmo is starring in a brand new segment: Elmo The Musical! Each episode is a rollicking, music-filled math adventure, and Elmo wants you to come along.