Sesame Street

Matt Vogel is one of the principal Sesame Street Muppet Performers. His characters include Big Bird, The Count, Mr. Johnson (also known as Fat Blue), the pink Yip-Yip Martian, Herb the Dinosaur, Biff, Forgetful Jones, Hansel, and Herb the Dinosaur, among others.


Big Bird in Central Park at the Global Citizens Concert (photo: Alicia Durand), Matt with The Count (photo: Joey Mazzarino), Alan and Big Bird hugging for Sesame Street Social Impact Project; The Sesame Street Muppet Performers (photo: Richard Termine); Rehearsing as Big Bird for Episode 4903 “Hey! Sesame Street News” with Cookie Monster (photo: Zach Hyman); Rehearsing with director Scott Preston an AM Camel.

Have you ever wanted to share some cookies with Cookie Monster, draw with Big Bird, or count with The Count? Well Thomas Rhett always has and now he's living his dream on Sesame Street!

Thank you for viewing our Sesame Street videos over ONE BILLION times and helping us become the first nonprofit organization to reach this milestone! Count Von Count is very excited about this achievement, so he put together this song for YOU.

Can you speak Spanish and English? That's great - be proud and sing loudly in both languages!


Oh 3! You magical number, you. You are the number of tricycles, blind mice, and little kittens! What a pleasure it is to to count to you. Such a comfort passing through 1, and 2, and getting to you.

Sing along as everyone puts on a show doing their own unique dance moves with their hair, fur, and feathers!

Get in on all the nom nom noms this Halloween with this Sesame Street Parody of Monster Mash!


Big Bird searches for Ernie on the beach. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization.

It's time for the Grouch Theatre hit of the season, Scramalot! It has grouchy singing, rotten dancing, and a bunch of grouchy knights who like to rhyme a lot!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Dance with Elmo, Abby, and their turkey friend as they celebrate everything they're thankful for!